Quilts by Carol Ross Williamson


I have always loved quilts. I can remember my grandmother in our Northern Canada home cutting apart old clothes and piecing them on the floor to make new quilts. It is my favourite art form -- I love the patterns on church floors and the blocks of colour on a clothesline.  

I like that no two quilts are ever alike, even if the same pattern is used. I’m interested in using classic patterns in a modern way, or working on original designs. Some people like dying their own fabrics but I love commercial fabrics and taking advantage of all the options we have in our time. I love combining them into quilts that could only be made now.

I make all of the quilts on my small sewing machine in my home in Waterloo, Ontario. Sometimes I’ll have the larger ones quilted by other people with a long arm machine. All the quilts featured on the website were quilted by me unless otherwise noted.